Mini Split Systems

Mini-splits are quite popular amongst residential homes in Dubai for enabling homeowners to regulate the temperature in specific areas. These small yet efficient systems comprise an interior air handling unit and an outside compressor as two major components of the system.

Mini split systems aren’t just efficient and effective cooling units, these are also easy to install, which makes them quite popular amongst homeowners in Dubai. These systems can be installed with only a three-inch hole in the wall for the conduit. The hole holds the power and communication cables (which connect the inside and outside units), copper tuning, and condensation drain line. Thus, the entire system may be installed with ease and with minimum disruption to the home routine.

The mini-splits are also highly preferred by homeowners as a retrofit addition to homes that don’t have prior “Duct” systems like space heaters, hydronic, or others. These are considered the most effective alternative for homes and buildings. Mini split systems are also the perfect cooling system for spaces where the building distribution duct is impractical like room extensions.



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Advantages of Mini Split Systems?

Mini-split systems have various advantages over traditional ducted air conditioning systems including;

The ductless mini-split systems can either be used to supplement the central air conditioning system in homes or buildings or they may act as a stand-alone system for a specific area.

Mini-split systems are considered the best cooling option for area-specific air conditioning. The system may be used to literally cool any specific space you want. Are you looking for smart air conditioning for your bedroom? Well, you can simply install a mini-split system to the wall of your bedroom and enjoy efficient cooling for a peaceful and comfortable environment.

The mini-split systems are highly regarded for their quiet operations. It literally operates as silent as a kitten. The lower decibel at which a mini-split system is way superior to central air conditioning systems or window air conditioners.

Perhaps the best feature about mini-split systems is their energy efficiency. These systems are exclusively designed to conserve energy and have a SEER rating of 20 or higher. This means that you won’t only get superior cooling but also save fortunes on energy bills.