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Any HVAC unit is a split system that comprises two major sections, including an indoor unit that consists of the heating and cooling systems for your home and an outdoor unit, which operates in tandem.
The interior unit comprises the evaporator and furnace, whereas the outdoor unit comprises of compressor and condenser. To move the conditioned air across different rooms of your home or office, ductwork has to be done as needed. A packaged HAVC system comprises all the heating and cooling elements required for your space. Most of the time, the packaged systems are mounted outside the home or buildings, mainly on the ground or roof.
Given the complex nature of work and various technicalities involved in the process, installing a complete packaged system for your home or office needs. Thereby, you need the most expert and experienced installers who got the experience and right tools required to get things done adequately.

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Residential & Commercial Services

We are proud to offer residential and commercial customers in Dubai reliable, affordable, and consistent packaged system installation services ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with a complete guarantee for material and service.


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Right & Perfect Cooling Solution

Packaged systems offer the perfect cooling solutions for many homeowners, given their various advantages. These pre-packaged and pre-assembled systems are ideal for homeowners and offices looking for quick, efficient, and compact cooling solutions.
we offer comprehensive packaged system installation, maintenance, and repair servcies across Dubai for residential and commercial users. If you need any further guidance or assistance with regards to packaged systems and their suitability for your homes; feel free to contact our sales representatives today!