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Split AC is a popular choice amongst home and office owners in Dubai due to its efficiency and high cooling power. However, to be able to maximize the efficiency of a split air conditioner, you need to install it the right way. Since various complexities go into the split air conditioner installation, you need an experienced and expert installation service that is aware of the technicalities that go into the installation. If you, too, are looking for professional and reliable split ac installation services in Dubai, is is your best choice!

Isra al layl is one of the leading cooling system service providers across Dubai. We offer comprehensive services, including split ac installation, preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement services. Considering the harsh desert environment of Dubai, we understand the emergency requirement of split air conditioner repair or maintenance. Thereby, we are always available for emergency installation, maintenance, and repair services in Dubai.

We maintain one of the most experienced and skilled teams of technicians equipped with the latest tools to ensure hassle-free installation and maintenance services with minimum disruption to the daily routine. Before any split air conditioner installation job, our technicians will visit your space to inspect the room and suggest the best air conditioning system, the most appropriate unit placement, and other suggestions. Extreme care is taken during the unit's installation to ensure maximum cooling efficiency and energy conservation.

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As a leading split ac installation and maintenance service provider, we offer comprehensive solutions for all residential and commercial cooling needs. Our trained technicians are fully skilled in handling all sorts of split ac installation and maintenance issues, including;


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Advantages of a Split AC Unit

Split air conditioners are the best choices for homes and offices that lack ductwork since you won’t have to spend extra dollars to get the ductwork installed separately in each room.

The split air conditioner system within a specific space has enough power to cool or heat the room adequately. In fact, it may be used to supplement other heating or cooling system to enhance the comfort of your home or office.

Another advantage of the split air conditioner is that the system is expandable for other rooms by adding extra air outlets, which is also known as the multi-split air conditioner. In such a system, each air conditioner has a separate thermostat that allows individual control of the system as and when needed.